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10/24/14 1:47pm  Water main break has been repaired, the system is slowly being restored and there is NO BOIL ORDER in effect per the health dept.

All water east of Little Mulberry River will be shut down.  Once the pressure is off then the line will be repaired and service will be restored.  A BOIL ORDER will be in effect until further notice. 


Due to a main line water break located in the 700 Block of Alma Avenue, parts of the City of Mulberry will be without water.  At this time we are not able to determine exactly how much of the City will have to be turned off to repair the leak.  If you are without water during this time, you will be under a BOIL ORDER until further notice.  This means boil water for at least five (5) minutes before consumption. 

We will provide more detailed information as it becomes available.

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